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The Center of Excellence for the Elimination of FGM

The Center of Excellence for the Elimination of FGM, established by the International Planned Parenthood Federation-Arab World Region in partnership with the Mauritanian Association for the Promotion ...

The Opening of the "Center of Excellence" To Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation in Nouakchott, Mauritania
The center aims mainly to provide an ideal model to empower the IPPF member associations, especially those in countries that still practice FGM, through four main axes:
- Building the capacities of IPPF member associations, midwives, health professionals, service providers and volunteers, in the context of eliminating female genital mutilation, including educating adolescents and young people about the dangers of this practice; sharing experiences, best practices and experiences between member associations to eliminate this practice and learning from successes and ways to face challenges.
- Social and economic empowerment of FGM victims and survivors to improve their future by opening new horizons to empower and strengthen the capacities of female victims or survivors of this practice, and even female practitioners of female genital mutilation, so that these social and/or economic projects help them to abandon this practice.
- The quality of health care provided within this framework.
- Finally, advocacy based on evidence, research and evaluation.


"Center of Excellence" To Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

Let's move to ZERO FGM.

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