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Because You Deserve, We Value You Today and Every Day

Dr Farida, Najat, Dr Latifa, and many other women and girls from the Arab world region have made a difference.

Dr Farida, Najat, Dr Latifa, and many other women and girls from the Arab world region have made a difference. with their hard work and continued passion by providing quality Healthcare and Combating gender-based violence in their countries, despite the difficulties and social, economic and health challenges they face in carrying out their activities.

"Activism for the benefit of the SSR and the quality of services is my eternal conviction"

Dr Farida Haouchene, Doctor, Algerian Family Planning Association

Dr. Farida Haouchene has devoted her professional life to caring for women, particularly in screening for chronic diseases and STDs, breast and cervical cancer and not forgetting psychological support. Dr Farida has led the AAPF committee of the wilaya of boumerdes since December 2019, as well as trainings for doctors, midwives and nurses have been organized.

Algeria MA

"We are in the service of the country and especially girls and women, working to enable them to have access to quality and safe reproductive and sexual health services and to be able to choose when to have children using safe and effective birth control.”

Shaikha Salman, Nursing Supervisor, Bahrain Reproductive Health Association

Ms. Shaikha Salman is one of the distinguished cadres of the Bahrain Society for Reproductive Health. She is a nursing supervisor at the Ministry of Health, an infection control supervisor in health centers, and she has qualifications in general nursing, infection control and management. She was and still one of the cadres that we relies on in the association's programs and activities. She helped a lot in spreading health awareness on various reproductive health issues, especially among women.

Bahrain MA

"One of my most important interests is helping people, especially women and girls who are about to get married, to obtain the information and services they need related to reproductive and sexual health."

Aliaa Abdo, Executive Director, Egyptian Family Planning Association/Al Buhayra Branch

Aliaa began her professional career as a service provider at the Egyptian Family Planning Association in 1989, then as a social worker in most of the clinics of the Beheira branch of the association, then as a program coordinator, all the way to the executive director of the Beheira branch of the Egyptian Family Planning Association. She received several trainings on combating gender-based violence and improving the quality of services within youth-friendly clinics.

Egypt MA

"I support battered women because they need more care to get rid of the psychological effects of violence and move towards new beginnings"

Dr Adalat Behri, Doctor/Volunteer, Egyptian Family Planning Association

Based on her desire, Dr. Adalat worked in the Egyptian Family Planning Association on a voluntary basis, and carried out many free convoys, making helping the neediest people one of her most important goals.

Egypt MA

"Women are self-made, and with their strong will and strong determination, they can overcome difficulties and prove their presence as an effective element in society"

Baidaa Delbani, Social worker, Salama Clninc/Lebanese Association for Family Health

Baidaa provides counseling services "relationship counseling, family planning counseling", and investigation of violence for all segments of society, especially marginalized groups of Syrian refugees and custodial communities. She offers HIV counseling and rapid voluntary VCT testing. And during the Corona pandemic, She continued to provide services at the Salama clinic, while ensuring compliance with preventive measures.

salama MA

"I have this insasiable need to care for others..."

Fatima Abdel Rahman Nurse Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of the Family

Fatima Abdel Rahman, the nurse, embodies a committed woman in her finest manifestations, as she was known for her dedication to work and serving those who attended the emergency department at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, where she was working before.

Since she joined the Mauritanian Association for the Promotion the Family in the Dar Al-Naim clinic in North Nouakchott, she is one of the reliable service providers for her seriousness, efficiency, and perseverance in work.

Mauritania MA

“As a gynecologist in practice for more than 40 years, I have sacrificed my whole life to defend the right to sexual and reproductive health and have fought for the right to abortion for underage victims due to the tragedies I lived with their parents”

Dr Latifa Jamai President Moroccan Family Planning Association

Dr. Latifa Jamai has been a militant activist since the seventies in the field of health, where she worked to advance issues of sexual and reproductive health, and she did not hesitate to participate in many international conferences, where she chaired many symposiums and forums at the national, regional and international levels. She is the first female specialist in obstetrics and gynecology in Rabat, she obtained a state doctorate in medicine at the University of Strasbourg and a certificate of specialized studies in obstetrics and gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris.

Morocco MA

“Helping women and girls is not only a job for me BUT this is part of my believe system”.

Saiqa Begun, Youth & Women Empowerment Officer, Rahnuma-FPAP Family Planning Association of Pakistan

Started work with Rahnuma-FPAP from 2009 as Counselor in “Women as Compensation project”. She also provided services as counselor in a youth related SRHR Project “CHOICE”. Saiqa has a strong liaison with community specifically SGBV survivors. She is supervising five youth resource centers both male and female. Saiqa has vast experience working with GBV survivors and have succeeded in family union of 2 GBV survivors residing in Darul-Aman.

Pakistan MA

“I have a strong belief in the importance of women and marginalized groups' access to services, and the importance of facilitating their access to them, as this has an impact on improving the quality of life for them and their families.“

Maysa Shalalda, Social Worker, Palestinian Family Planning & Protection Association

Maysa Shalalda works at the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association as a social worker and reference for the gender-based violence file. Maysa follows cases of gender-based violence and helps women and girls, especially the most vulnerable of them, to overcome the experience of violence by providing psychological and social support and economic empowerment to them within the association's various programs.

Palestine MA

"The Syrian Arab Woman is a part of the Women of the World, despite all the sorrow... We are Strong "

Nour Al Sabt, Volunteer, Syrian Family Planning Association

Nour Al Sabt has long worked in the societal field with multiple positions, whether in the Women's Union in Syria, the Syrian Association for the Physically Handicapped or the Syrian Family Planning Association.

A national trainer in the field of gender-based violence and a national trainer in the field of childhood, the Montessori approach. She also participated in many activities related to the integration of the disabled into society.

Syria MA

"Assisting girls and women in all their diversity to access quality SRH services is my priority"

Faiza Kethiri, Volunteer Midwife, Tunisian Association for Reproductive Health

Faiza joined the Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health (ATSR) in 1990 as a volunteer midwife and continues to be active in defending women's rights to this day. Over the decades, she has moved between several rural areas providing services to the neediest women, young mothers and even support for women suffering from postpartum depression. Faiza Kethiri continues her commitment to making sexual and reproductive health services accessible to all by organizing health caravans and home visits. It also continues to provide training to young governmental and non-governmental service providers not only on sexual and reproductive rights, but also on the quality of services.

Tunisia MA

"Yemeni women still suffer from the supervision of parents and society and traveling without a "mahram" is still an obstacle for many. Societal equality does not come easily, but as women, we are taking it by our diligent action."

Najat Tariq, Volunteer Midwife, Yemeni Association for Reproductive Health

Najat Tariq is a young Yemeni activist focusing on youth, women and gender-based violence issues. Najat is a member of the Yemeni Youth Network of the German Friedrichshain Foundation, and a member of the Youth Network for the Arab World Region of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She received numerous trainings in the fields of human rights, equality and advocacy, and youth and women's social empowerment.

Yemen MA