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IPPF AWR's Regional Meeting

 🌐 IPPF AWR's Regional Meeting:Empower Change , Tunis 23-27 October


Despite the prevailing humanitarian crisis affecting much of the region, the gathering of Member Associations (MAs) from the Arab world convened in Tunisia. The event, attended by 50 representatives from across the region (excluding the Palestinian MA), delved into discussions on crucial topics such as Strategy 2028 Alignment, Anti-Racism Initiatives, Safeguarding, Social Enterprises, Accreditation, IPPF Charter and Rebranding, Humanitarian and Preparedness Planning, and global leadership on FGM/C programming, among others. 🗣️🌍 The remarkable enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by all member associations, IPPF Secretariat colleagues, and our inspiring youth members truly defined the success of this event.


Notably, the Palestinian Family Planning Association (PFPAP) actively participated online, and the generous contributions from IPPF BOT members further enhanced the proceedings. All Member Associations expressed their dedication to a future characterized by empowerment, inclusivity, and impactful change! 👏🏽🔗#IPPFSuccess #RegionalMeeting #EmpowerChange


Date: Tunis, 23-27 October